No Day/No Night EP

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1. Multiply
2. Brakelights
3. Neighbors
4. Everyone’s Wearing Red
5. Incommunicado
6. mig

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Incommunicado” was listed as one of the top ten singles of the year by the music editor of the Village Voice.



“Man in Gray [is] a Mission of Burma meets Sonic Youth affair with two guitarists and a singer who is aiming to be a rock star. Tina DaCosta… ‘was a field hockey player and she also sang opera in high school. It was fun, but then she moved to the city and discovered that screaming her guts out and losing her voice was a lot more fun.’ DaCosta—backed by a bevy of talented boys—does anger well (she loves Sleater-Kinney, Le Tigre, and the Lunachicks) but she's also good at pretty (she loves Nico). The No Day/No Night EP shifts from forceful pop adorableness in the infectious breakup tune "Brakelights" (complete with little yelps and a quick, charming guitar solo), to the ominous (but finally funny) "Neighbors," in which the crescendo is a chorus of dudes screaming "I watch them!" Best of all is the clamorous, repetitive, Clash-like "Incommunicado," matching "Citibeat" in its scrutiny and intensity. In this anti-war number, DaCosta's enormous vocals grow furious, sharp, and fast. She yells "emergencies!" as the song pushes forward chaotically; "recall the war" is her rallying cry.
- Hillary Chute, The Village Voice

“There’s a cacophony folded neatly into each of Man In Gray’s edgy punk songs, particularly the adept anti-war creed ‘Incommunicado.’ The female-fronted Brooklyn five-piece evokes Sleater-Kinney, Karen O, and a slew of new wavers, but stands firmly on its own 10 feet.”
- Rosen, The Village Voice

“Tina DaCosta’s tart and commanding vocals—comparable to ladies fronting That Dog, Letters To Cleo, Sonic Youth, Romeo Void, Pylon, or The Avengers, depending on her tempo, though her stage presence might be closer to Karen O’s—give these Brooklynites a rare everyday believability. Four boys behind her do an intricate post-punk forward-motion-with-spaces blur. ‘Incommunicado’’s anti-war march builds from Joy Division to ‘London Calling’ and easily ranks among the very best local tracks; “Neighbors” roils like The Embarrassment. Extremely promising.”
- Chuck Eddy, The Village Voice

"A super charged indie rock affair from the word go. Armed with a female lead vocalist whose raspy wails and expert phrasings profoundly emanate the female NYC punk point of view, tracks like the rhythmically creepy ‘Neighbors’ channel the Misfits through the mouth of Blondie, while ‘Multiply’ sounds like the bastard concoction between Sonic Youth and The Pretenders. Blasting out of the gate, the driving guitars and intriguing beats define Man in Gray’s hard yet refined style, which keeps your ears busy with flurries of dissonant beauty throughout No Day/No Night.”
– Mike SOS, Loose Record

“No Day/No Night is a brisk, broiling bon mot, churning with righteous furor and diabolical guitars. It has a froth, and that froth is brown and scalding… If their fists were as tight as their rock, their hands would shatter from the pressure. The six songs on No Day/No Night evoke memories of the most halcyon moments of the exhilarating indie-rock experiment, stringing together touchstones and influences that should warm the cockles of even the most critical of hearts.”
- Garrett Martin, Delusions of Adequacy

"No Day/No Night is such a breath of fresh air... noisy, fast, unapologetic and not the least bit ironic... In short, despite the death of dance-punk, there's still great punk to dance to."
- Andrew Mall,

“From the flailing Thurston-isms of ‘Incommunicado’ to the Kim Deal-worthy ‘Brakelights,’ these young Brooklynites harness a melodic urgency far more then the sum of their influences.
- Nick Barat,

“Brooklyn bands keep rising! And Man In Gray has been pounding the pavement with great responses. Their punk anthems give rise and salute to old favorites such as Sonic Youth, The Pixies, The Avengers, and The Clash, while drawing modern comparisons to Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Sleater Kinney. This is their debut 6 song EP and a small treasure to behold.”
– Lio Cerezo,

“Righteous praise is well-deserved as they jump like frogger from swamp pod to swamp pod of indie rock and post-punk. Music this exciting must be shared with the masses.”

“Blending NYC Garage Rock with basic early punk style, Man in Gray is a good example of what would happen if The Pixies formed today. Vocalist Tina DaCosta shows so much personality in the way she presents the lyrics… None of this diva fronting a rock band stuff... she's doing the same garage vocals the boys do, and outdoing them at it. I highly recommend this debut EP. I fully recommend it to those looking for something in the coming post-pop-punk fall out we all know is coming and anyone who digs New York garage and indie.”
- Pucknation

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