Split 7" EP (with Unsacred Hearts)

Serious Business Records

Side MIG
1. Thirty-Six
2. Hoboken

Side UH
1. Do You Like Spy Movies?
2. The End Is Near



“Is Brooklyn burning? Well, after a close listen of two of the boroughs stalwart acts, where there’s smoke, there’s bound to be fire. And, both Man in Gray and Unsacred Hearts bring their own unique kindling with their split release. Up first, the jagged female fronted Man in Gray’s two-track offering, summoning up Blondie and Yeah Yeah Yeahs while throwing the rawk afterburner on full throttle. Next come the subversively clever Unsacred Hearts, whose stream-of-consciousness vocal delivery fits perfectly with the atomic musical backdrop, making for a listen as captivating as reading Hemingway for the first time. Despite the hoopla over Brooklyn and its music scene, these two bands are actually bands you’ll respect yourself in the morning for liking, and this split is a great pickup for the indie rock mogul in you.”
- Mike SOS, Syndicated
(Houston Music Review, Ear Candy Mag, Aural Fix Communique, Skratch Magazine)

“From my outsider perspective, it really does look like [Man In Gray and the Unsacred Hearts] are each other's biggest fans. Of course, I've skewered things, as Man In Gray comes armed with more than the usual amount of press buzz. It's well founded, too. The female-fronted band calls to mind Call The Doctor-era Sleater-Kinney crossed with some New York no-wave, particularly on their stomping opener ‘Thirty-Six.’ ‘Hoboken’ takes a more traditional punk rock approach and it proves how closely aligned these two bands are in spirit. The Unsacred Hearts ask ‘Do You Like Spy Movies?’ on their opener, a lyrically odd track that's one of the more swaggering, attitude-driven tunes they've ever put together. ‘The End Is Near’ seems to follow the instrumental pattern established with ‘I Was Born To Be Polite & Kind’ the lead track from their prior EP. While it's too early to say if this is the band's ‘standard’ song type (and if it is, it's a good standard), it does show that they're playing to their strengths. Here you find two young, lively bands well schooled in some quality influences. That they happen to have gestated in the same scene makes this a great little artifact of what will one day be seen as ‘the early years.’ I expect, no, demand that we see celebrated full-lengths from both these bands in the next year. I'll be very surprised otherwise.”
- Syndicated (PunkNews.org, Two: FiftyNine)

“Delicious. Two songs each from two seriously wicked bands - what more is there to life?… This 7" sees [the Unsacred Hearts] playing more of their deliciously edgy garage rock, heavy on memorable riffs and solid melodies. The explosive ‘Do You Like Spy Movies?’ takes the cake with its outrageous, upfront style, though ‘The End is Near’ is still an above average slab of indie rock. The Man In Gray side, meanwhile, is comprised of fem-fronted punky garage rock. ‘Thirty-Six’ is a rough and wild romp that's sort of like Sleater-Kinney with a more garagey edge; the same could be said about ‘Hoboken,’ whose chant-along chorus makes it the better of the two songs. This is recommended.”
- Matt Shimmer, Indieville

“Man In Gray is a cool female-fronted punky band that manages to have a post-punk edge, but still be fun and catchy. Doesn't hurt that the vocals have a nostalgic 80s feel to them. Unsacred Hearts play the dance punk that's all the rage in Brooklyn, but they're a good time nonetheless. Great intro to two good bands. Two tracks each.”
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“EDITOR'S PICK… I’ve already listened to and enjoyed both of these bands. Indie rockers Man In Gray team up with garage rock stars Unsacred Hearts to unleash a torrent of a split release in the format of a seven-inch. If you’re actively seeking new music then I’d suggest these releases with their bizarre and quirky undercurrents. Each band has an innate ability to write catchy hooks that even the most cynical rock-n-roll kid would appreciate with full-teeth smiles.”

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